Thursday, 19 June 2014

1 // intro

Welcome to my first public blog in 3 years!

After a period of emotional instability when I was 18, I hid my old blog so I could mope privately without people judging me. But times have changed and so has my writing!

This new blog has been in the works for a long time now, I thought of it last year after leaving school, but only really started working on it this summer break. Here I document my growing love for makeup and my adventures around Singapore and the world, no matter whether it's Bt Timah or the Bahamas.

This new space also forces me to pick up my cameras again... my DSLR hasn't really seen the light of day after I scraped an A for my photojourn module in poly. I'm more of a film girl, as you'll see.

I've already got a number of posts coming up - my trip to London, for instance. Also, I'm heading off to Hongkong in 12 hours, so that means more posts in the works!

So for now, bookmark my blog or leave a comment here. You can even drop me a question on if you're feeling shy (or particularly mean). YOU GO GLEN COCO!


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    1. hi viv hehe I love reading your blog and looking at your amazing pics ^^