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Recapping London in Makeup and Skincare

Hello friends! I've been busy with HSS FOC 2014, so for the past week I've been living out of a giraffe print trolley bag. Also, I now have a tan that orange spray-tanned angmohs would die for. Anyway, I'm back in the game for a few more posts before I move back into hall 11.

As you know, everything in London is notoriously expensive. The brands I saw there weren't particularly exciting either, and I wasn't looking for anything in particular. However, I did manage to get myself a handful of makeup, skincare and haircare products that have been rather impressive. I also repurchased a few favourite items that I've tried previously.

Barry M Loud Mouth Lip Paint in Diva

I got this for just a few pounds at the Superdrug opposite my apartment. Barry M is a UK drugstore brand that you can't get in SG, but you can order some of their products on ASOS.

Barry M's Loud Mouth is a lip paint, it has the consistency and finish of a gloss but the pigmentation of liquid lipstick. I got it in Diva, which is a dark red shade with no glitter. It smells like strawberry jelly, the sort you sucked out of little triangular cups as a kid. It has a slanted tip and product comes out from a hole in the middle. I don't love the tip, because it doesn't get the corners and edges of my lips precisely. Because the product was slightly runny, a plastic brush (like those on Stila's lip glazes) would work better in my opinion. Because it was so pigmented, just the gentlest squeeze of the tube released enough product for both lips.

In terms of longevity, Loud Mouth was fantastic and I had no complaints. Even despite my horrible lip biting habit, the colour was still visible after a few hours. Unlike other long wearing lip products, this wasn't drying at all.

Needless to say, I love Loud Mouth and I'll be ordering other colours on ASOS (they're going for under SGD10 gasps) in the future.

Concealer 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, shade 3 Warm 

I read about this product on many blogs, it's apparently one of the best drugstore concealers around. Like Loud Mouth, I got this at Superdrug for less than £10 .

The shades available are Cool and Warm, 1 to 3. The cool shades look more yellow while the warm shades look pinker and more orange. Traditionally, cool toned skin has pink undertones while warm has yellow, so I guess this product has the same problem as MAC's NC/NW labels.

Shade 3 Warm is very obviously salmon in colour, which works extremely well for neutralising the purple undertones of dark eye circles. I have really bad dark circles, but this does a very decent job of covering them up for the price I paid.

I wouldn't say this concealer is 100% budge proof, but it stays put for a lot longer than my previous concealer, which was the Etude House Surprise Essence concealer. However, the Etude House Surprise Essence concealer was a more accurate colour match for me (mine was in shade 2). The Concealer 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer dries and becomes tacky very quickly, so I have to blend it immediately after applying. This means I can't do use my usual concealer method, which involves dotting concealer on all the areas I need before blending out. I have to apply, blend, and repeat for every area of concern.

As you can see from the photo above, my tube looks pretty worn even though I've only had it for a month. I'm not sure if it's Singapore heat, but the print on the tube started rubbing and melting off recently... not a very good sign in terms of quality of packaging. Nonetheless, it's what's inside that counts right?

Nail Paint by Barry M - 353 Ruby Glitter

Again, from Superdrug. As my eyes darted from shelf to shelf, I fell in love with this polish - slowly, then all at once.

(I will never get tired of spoofing TFIOS)

This polish has black and fuchsia hexagonal glitters suspended in clear polish, with a smattering of tiny black, matte glitters thrown into the mix. Both types of black glitter are solid black, matte finish. The pink glitters are metallic. When painted, on, the glitters lay flat and it takes about 2 coats to get them dispersed evenly across the nail. This is not the type of glitter polish that can be layered to opacity. This polish doesn't disappoint, it is fairly long lasting (doesn't start falling off in a day) and the ratio of black to pink makes it look sweet and edgy at the same time.


How could I not? Carmex is available in all sorts of flavours, I purchased the original but I also spotted strawberry, green tea and cherry. Mum got herself a tinted one, but I wanted a balm that I could layer under or over other coloured lip products.

For those unacquainted with Carmex, it's a petroleum based gel that is basically the holy grail of effective and cheap solutions for chapped lips. As the packaging states: it soothes. it moisturises. And it is true to both claims.

However, it made my lips too slippery for any of my lipsticks to stay put. The product also transferred unto my lipsticks, leaving them glossy at the surface. Based on my experience, it works better above lipsticks, or if you dab off the excess before applying other stuff on top of it.

EcoTools Airbrush Concealer Brush

I bought this brush to use as an eyeshadow blending brush, because I wanted a brush that could blend, but was firmer than a typical blending brush. The precision of all my brushes is important to me, because I am mono lidded and asian. This means I have no crease and very little eyelid real estate, so I have very little space to blend. I've only tried out this brush twice, and so far it's done a good job. No shedding, and the synthetic bristles are really soft.

I'm not quite sure how well this would fare as a concealer brush, as I'm currently in a long-term relationship with ELF's Flawless Concealer brush. The ELF Flawless Concealer Brush is fluffier and thicker than the EcoTools Airbrush Concealer Brush, and blends concealer like a badass mofo. Dear ELF Flawless Concealer brush, all of meeeee loves all of youuuuuu, love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect soft bristles.

Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream

Got this at Boots after reading reviews on a few other sites. I haven't used it consistently enough to know if it works, but I love how light the texture is! It moisturises my eyes and gets absorbed really quickly, leaving behind no residue whatsoever. It's not oily or sticky at all.

However, there is just one problem with it... This eye cream stinks.

Like it literally smells bad. It smells nothing like grapefruit to me, and the smell just reminds me of celery juice. I hate any juice with celery in it. Urgh. The smell does disappear after a few minutes though.

REN Clarimatte™ T-Zone Balancing Gel Cream

This is a repurchase, I've used this cream as my daily moisturiser for almost 2 years. 1 pump is sufficient for my whole face. REN is pricey, and prides itself for using all natural ingredients and what not. When I hear "natural" I usually think of herby smelling stuff that looks generally more rugged and less processed than the stuff that's loaded with chemicals. Lush would be a good example. However, all of REN's products and give off the vibe that they're really refined and made with the power of science and high-tech thingamajigs.

I have normal skin- my skin doesn't get particularly shiny throughout the day, but my t zone gets dewy after awhile. This day cream rehydrates my face right after the oils get stripped away after a wash, but doesn't leave me sticky or oily. It's not moisturising enough for the night time though, so I'd say this works strictly as a day cream for oily to normal skin. It also smells like a dream - the perfect light blend of lavender and peppermint and all sorts of beautiful things that grow in a garden.


Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Ultra Violet L76 

I got 2 boxes of this purple hair dye... It's a decent dye, but my hair was too black to really take on the colour :( It went from a burgundy shade to a reddish brown, and once my roots starts showing obviously I'll go back to black.

Less is More Lavender Smooth Balm

Once again, another lavender based organic product that smells like all my wishes came true. I haven't started using this yet, and I can't wait! Got this for only £6 at a natural beauty store on Marylebone Road that I blogged about in my previous entry.



Last but not least, I repurchased my favourite fragrance at duty free shopping because it was 40% off!!! After the discount it was only about SGD40+? SUCH A STEAL. I got my first bottle in 2010, my darlings Alethea, Tonghann and Steph got it for me as a birthday present. It's such a gem really, I really like how soft yet fresh it smells on me after it dries down. According to the inter webs, the main notes of this perfume are watermelon, rhubarb (what) and kiwi. I don't know how rhubarb smells like but l'imperatrice certainly has a fruity sharpness to it at first. Anyway, I'm so glad I got another bottle so I don't have to be stingy when using my old one!

That's all from me today, but I've a photo post of hongkong and a 3CE review+look in the works. Pop by soon!

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