Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Beauty: Etude House Mini-haul

It's been awhile since my last make-up post! I have so many of them lined up, but I never can coordinate my schedule enough to ensure that I have the makeup I need AND my camera at home. Shooting in my hall room is totes unphotogenic.

Anyway, I stopped by etude house at JP the other day (I don't seem to shop anywhere else during the term) to replace my soon-to-be-finished eyebrow pencil and left the shop with 3 other items. I've always loved this brand, I remember getting some of my first few makeup items here. Their Happy Tea Time Facial Foam was also one of my staples until they discontinued it. Their packaging is so adorable and everything's so value for money, especially if you get it on sale or in Korea. So here's what I got and my initial thoughts!

Disclaimer: I bought everything with my own money (of course), all views are my own.

Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in Berry Choux (pro tip: say SHU)

I wasn't intending on getting this at all, but the sales assistant kindly pointed out that it was going at 50% off (GASPS), making it only about $11. I don't own any makeup primers or base products at the moment, so I thought this would fill the gap. Usually I slap moisturiser and sunblock on my face, then address problem areas with concealer and set it with translucent powder. No foundation, no bb cream. I like the weightless finish of this routine, but my makeup doesn't last very long and my skin tone is sometimes dull.

This stuff used to come in a glass jar, which made it pretty but oh-so impractical. I like how it comes in a tube with a velvety finish now! I got this shade because there were no other shades available at the outlet, but I'd figured that there would be hardly any difference between the Peach and Berry Choux when blended out. Etude house says that these shades whiten and brighten, while the mint combats redness.

I've only used the base twice since I got it, so these are my observations for now. Despite it's reputably light and smooth texture, I did feel a slight grittiness and it pilled a little on my skin. I'm not sure why this is so, but it goes away once the product is fully blended. It's neither powdery or dewy, but settles into an almost matte finish. It spreads so easily so I don't have to use much. Like all my other cream products, I dot it unto my face and work fast. What results is brighter skin, prepped and primed for the rest of my make up. Pores and fine lines were less obvious too! Overall a decent product, and I'm still thrilled I got it at half-price.

Argan Seed Hair Pack + Hair Serum

Etude house has really been on a roll with their face masks - I recently got a sleeping pack in a spoon shaped packet from Belle and Char for my birthday! Looks like they have cute hair masks now too! I got this on impulse when I saw that it was only $1.90, and it's a 2-in-1 product! I haven't tried it yet, but I reckon my split ends need some loving before I find the time to snip them off. It also came in jojoba and camellia varieties. Let me know what you think of it in the comments if you've tried it!

Water Color Blusher in Lilac

Another product on sale that I've wanted for ages. I believe I got it for $5.95, when it's usually priced at over $12ish. I've been wanting to experiment with lilac blushers for a long time now, but never had the guts to until I came across this blog entry. I really wanted that whole "glow from within" look that lilac blush gives. But all these bloggers who wrote these posts are usually caucasian, fair and cool toned. Then I thought heck it, and took the plunge with 3CE's Duo Color Face blusher in Creme De Violette, which is a half light pink, half lilac blush. I liked the way it looked, but it still looked more pink than lilac. 

The water colour blusher is a true lilac cream blush, and I absolutely adore the texture because it's gel-like without being runny, and dries matte without a powdery finish. It's a winning formula honestly, and before they went out of stock I tried the other shades (coral, red, apricot) and they were all universally flattering. Such a pity that this product has been discontinued! I hope etude house makes a similar product for their permanent stock. If you're wondering, lilac appears a subtle pale pink on my nc25-30 skin when sheered out. I basically look like a glowing cherub with this on, which was totally what I was going for. Didn't get a picture of it because Keefe was rushing me out of the house :( 

Drawing Eye Brow

As its name goes, this stuff is for drawing on eye brows. I'm hard pressed to find anything as value-for-money as this auto-pencil which only cost $5.90. My usual ZA one is about $12, so if this pencil goes well I'll be making a permanent switch! What I look for when testing brow pencils is mostly texture and colour payoff, I don't like it when pencils are too hard or gritty. This one was alright, and I really liked that the pencil was angular rather than round. The shape makes it easier to fill in brows naturally. 

I contemplated between getting this and the brow mascara, but I'm a broke bitch so I got the pencil instead. I love brow mascaras for the boost they give to brows and their lasting power, but pencils still give you the most control and can be layered with brow powder for a natural but pigmented look. 

 My left brow (right one in this picture) is always patchier and more rebellious than the right, I can't seem to get it right no matter how many times I try. Oh well you know the drill, brows are sisters, not twins! I usually go for a very soft, natural brow because my hair is so dark already. I don't think I can pull off a really strong brow but I adore it when girls do. 

Besides the eyes, I think brows are the most important aesthetic feature on a face. They frame the face and make such a HUGE difference, and most people don't realise until they shape their brows for the first time. Filling in my brows has become an indispensable part of my routine and I enjoy doing it everyday. I love a set of well-groomed brows on both guys and girls, and really appreciate the effort that goes into them. It's kind of a pet peeve when I see girls with messy brows, but I totally understand that everyone has the right to do whatever they want with their face. 

Ok I'm finally done with my mini-haul! Leave a comment if you've tried any of this stuff before and tell me what you think! And let me know if I should do a brow tutorial. 

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