Thursday, 25 September 2014

Of Hairspray and Gowns: Hall XI DND 2014

So hall 11's dnd marked the end of DND season, thank goodness. Unlike HSS DND, my role in hall dnd was decided for me because I was in pageant last year. I took on the extra role of emcee because I didn't think it'd be such a big deal, but all the last minute changes to the program really stressed me out. I emceed with the lovely Isabelle, who was really the best partner I could ask for! Thanks babe.

sleepy eyes because I watched Friends till 5am the night before

The dress I wore was actually an impulse buy from Rockstar and cost $39. The nylon blend fabric was really nice and crisp without being stiff, I really like it when dresses have a little structure and weight to them while still being comfortable. Thread Theory has this dress in 2 colours, and at a cheaper price tag too. Momoteapots has this dress in a different print, but it's gorgeous nonetheless and I'm quite in love with it.

I did my own makeup, but my hair was done by one of the makeup artists we engaged for the event. I'd like to take this chance to give a shoutout to Susan Tee, she and her associates did such an awesome job with the girls' hair and makeup. A big thank you to Cynthia and the two other makeup artists who helped out, you ladies did a wonderful job. (please let me know what your names are if you see this so that I can add them in!)

Our makeup and hair last year was far more exaggerated, and I remember that they didn't take into account our personal preferences when coming up with styles for us. Some of us girls were very uncomfortable with the result, but couldn't do anything about it.

This year I overheard the artists asking the pageants if they were comfortable with the colours and the look they were going for, making sure the girls were ok with wearing falsies etc. What resulted was a look that was glam but not overdone! They not only had the skills, but the wonderful service that backed it up. They really understood the importance of communicating with their client. Sometimes I feel intimidated by makeup artists, I don't dare to voice my opinion lest they get offended. With these makeup artists there wasn't any problem.

But don't just take my word for it, check out their respective Facebook pages to see the positive testimonials they've received as well as their illustrious portfolios. If you need a makeup and hair artist for your event/wedding, look them up! They did such good work on so many people and in such a short time, just imagine what they could do for you, one on one.

That's basically all I've got for now, because I was too busy running up and down stage to take more pictures. I apologise for the low-fi iPhone ones I'm using. I've got one last post with my final thoughts on pageants in general, that's coming really soon so look out for it.

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