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Review: Fat Cow Palace at Chinatown

It's been such a long time since I did a food review. It's actually the first time i'm doing a food review for something I actually paid for myself. I do miss all the food tasting sessions I used to get when I was doing journ, but I hope I'll go back to doing that sooner or later!

Disclaimer: I didn't bring my dslr along so no fancy hi-res photos here. If you're looking for food blogger or insta worthy suggest you move along! Ok no please stay I like you here. I promise to take nicer photos in the future.

Anyway, 2 weeks ago my church friends and I bought a groupon for Fat Cow Palace at Chinatown (Not to be confused with Fat Cow, the japanese grill place at Camden). We basically paid a fixed amount of money, but had more credit to spend than the amount we paid. This means we could order about $23 dollars worth of food per person, though we only paid $12 each.

Fat Cow Palace is a relatively new place, the original restaurant is across the causeway in JB. It's located at Temple Street, just a stone's throw from Chinatown Mrt. Pretty near the main road, so you don't have to walk to far to get to it. The restaurant itself was small and cosy, really good atmosphere for a dinner with friends or family.

The place prides itself in burgers, so that's what all of us ordered although they have salads and pastas too. All burger orders came with a small side salad and chunky fries. They served it on this wooden board which was really cute but made eating quite inconvenient because the board was so narrow.

I ordered the Fat Moo Moo burger ($15++), which is their signature patty topped with crispy fried onions and bbq pulled beef. Portions here are huge, the patties are so thick that the middle of my burger was slightly underdone. They don't ask for doneness here, so I assumed all the patties should have been well done. I liked how the patties were really juicy, but they were too salty. I couldn't tell if it was the sauce or the meat that was the culprit. The fries were kind of dry for my liking, but the guys seemed to love them. Oh and remember the fried onions I mentioned? I couldn't find them.

the real deal


Surprisingly, it was the hamburger buns at this place that stole the show. They look normal on the outside, but are grey on the underside. The waitress told us that they're made out of some charcoal mixture (?) but they were crisp, flavourful and gave the burgers an extra kick.

All in all, the food was passable and value for money for the deal we got, but the service was quite terrible. I don't know if the waitresses were unable to handle such a large group at once, but here are the problems we encountered:

- They either forgot my order or it got lost somewhere, because mine turned up 15 mins after everyone else's. I know this because they delivered the wrong burger to me and then asked me for my order again.

- Only informed us 30 mins after we ordered that the mushroom soup we wanted was out of stock. the new tomato soup took another 20 mins.

- Charlotte ordered the Fat Cow Burger and was given the Fat Moo Moo instead.

- Jeannette ordered the 4 leaf iced tea, they forgot the order and then gave us FOUR 4 leaf iced teas because they misheard the order. By this time we didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

If not for the fact that we got a such good deal from our groupon, we would have been quite unhappy about the place. The food just wasn't cheap or fantastic enough to make up for such haphazard service. If you're not picky about service and you like huge portions, this place might be for you.

Overall, my visit to Fat Cow Palace was made enjoyable by great company and good value, but I probably won't be returning any time soon.

And so... our hunt for cheap and good food continues! Better luck next time my friends.

Fat Cow Palace is located at: 

43 Temple Street 
Singapore 058588 

opens 11am-10pm

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