Tuesday, 25 August 2015

6 Best College Advice You Never Got

The new semester started 2 weeks ago, and I realised it's been such a long time since my last university related post. 

There's a slew of college advice posts out there... But let's face it, how much of that is actually sustainable? I roll my eyes every time I read "consistency is key" and "don't start on work at the last minute". Those tips are tried and true, but surely we don't need 50 articles giving the same advice in different ways? 

So this post is dedicated to the dark horses like myself - the kind of kids you love to hate. The ones that put in minimal effort for maximum results. You call it luck, I call it smarts. But fret not, here I am to teach you my ways. I present to you the 7 best pieces of college advice no one ever gives, except me of course.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for any rise or fall of your gpa. It's all up to you buddy. 

1. It's ok to party

In my freshman year, an academic advisor warned about the dangers of hall/dormitory life. "Very unhealthy, too little sleep!" she boomed at the auditorium. I can't deny that, but something about the heat of the day doesn't quite cut it for me. Nights are just that much more spontaneous. Remember, these are your last few years free of responsibility so you ought to make good use of them. There's no way you'll have a chance to grab supper at 3am on the other side of the city with your best buds once you start working. 

Even if staying up isn't really your thing, don't write off activities simply because you want to get some shut-eye. You can sleep after you've made some memories, so go ahead and hit that party.

Skipped a few classes for these guys last year
2.  Skip that class (but not all of them, duh) 

Forget what all the model students tell you. Like everything else, skipping classes is fine if done on moderation. 

My policy on skipping classes is this - skip it if:

- there's nothing valuable to gain from that lesson
- you have an assignment to rush
- missing that class won't jeopardize your grades

Nonetheless, don't expect to do well when you've only attended 2 out of 20 classes. It also really helps to calculate how much you're paying for every class. When I realised I'd be letting $40 go to waste for each class I missed, it was a huge wake up call since my parents are paying my tuition fees. I didn't want to take advantage of such generosity and squander such hard earned money.

3. You snooze, you don't lose 

There is no shame in an afternoon nap. I just can't do mornings, and whenever I force myself to be up before 9am I get sleepy by lunchtime.

Taking naps gives me the boost of energy I need for dance practices and assignments at night, and I feel like  11-2am is always when I'm the most productive. So assess your schedule and studying habits, then nap accordingly!

4. Procrastination isn't a sin 

My friends shake their heads at me before every assignment deadline. I'm that asshole who procrastinates till 48 hours before an essay is due, then proclaims that I'm screwed but still gets by with decent grades. I submit almost every assignment on the dot, and honestly I don't know how my heart takes that kind of pressure. 

Truth is, I thrive under that kind of stress and urgency. Working last minute helps me to cut out the crap in my writing and get straight to the point, which has kind of become my forte. 

I know this method doesn't work for everyone, but what I'm saying is - don't feel bad if procrastinating is part of your modus operandi!

Note: If you've tried this method before and you got a C, stop being stupid. You're never going to make it to Procrastination Nation.

5. Define your own motivations 

Within your first week of college you're going to realise people go to school for different reasons. Some people are there to get the As, others are looking for future life partners (I kid you not). Whatever your reason is, don't judge others for theirs.

What matters is that you know what you're going to school for. 3-4 years of college education can get trying at times, and sometimes you're going to find yourself in a slump. When that happens, always go back to the reason you're here in the first place. Find your purpose in the smallest things, even if you're waking up for a class just because you want to see your eye candy.

6. Slippers will never be ok

People living on campus are the most guilty of this, but please, the only reason you should be wearing slippers is if your shoes got stolen or it's raining. My wise roomie said this once "It feels wrong when your footwear for the bathroom and the classroom are the same thing."

Damn do I miss her.

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  1. I'm super guilty of procrastinating, but also doing better under pressure. I feel better knowing that other people do it too. Haha!

    1. thanks for dropping by marina! and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one ;)

  2. where's number 6? hehe
    good read btw

    1. haha changed the entry! thanks for letting me know. glad you enjoyed it! next time come off anonymous, I'm pretty sure you're a friend :)

  3. This made me laugh... all of these are so good! Dayum, I wish I could wear slippers everywhere though xo

    Naomi // Getting To Nomi

    1. hehe naomi i think secretly we all do! glad you enjoyed the post, all the best for the new semester!

  4. I miss college. Not the slippers.

    1. haha bethany you got that right! i love the comfort and convenience, but they seriously do not look cute in the classroom.

  5. You're absolutely right that different people go to college with different motivations. I went because my parents made me. I ended up getting the all A's and the life partner but those were side issues--I am glad they made me go to college, though!

    1. thank you so much for sharing that with me rachel! I wasn't too keen on college at first ( i already have a professional diploma) but I'm so glad I'm here now. Your life seems to have panned out lovely, so happy for you!

  6. "It feels wrong when your footwear for the bathroom and the classroom are the same thing."
    Hahahahaha LOVEEEEEEE IT.
    The whole pajama's to class thing makes me ill.
    Super well written.
    x Tiff @ http://thehautehaus.com

    1. hey tiff! i must have left out your comment, didn't see it earlier! I totally agree about pyjamas to class, never acceptable. Thanks for dropping by darling! Hope you're having a good day when you see this :)