Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Periods, Pools and Perspective

Went there for the 'gram

Once upon a time, I really wanted to visit the Szechenyi thermal baths in Budapest.

Call me bougie, but I've long had a fascination with baths and spas and other things that combine water and relaxation. Baths are really a thing of luxury in Singapore, considering most of us live in apartments with small toilets and we grew up being told that we had to save water because Malaysia could cut off our water supply any time. (Imagine taking a shower halfway and suddenly Malaysia declares war on SG. You'd die with suds still on your body!)

So, when I first found out about the baths on social media and I was mesmerised. The accents of yellow and blue, the water glinting under the sun. The fact that they looked straight from a scene from The Life of Pi. Such architecture! So bath!! Very history!!!

In fact, I was so determined to visit Szechenyi that I packed a bikini when I went on exchange in 2016. To UK. In winter.

Fast forward to April, and the weather was finally warm enough for a bikini. I found two other awesome girls from uni who were keen to go to Budapest. We scheduled an entire afternoon to spend at the baths and we even bought disposable razors from the corner store to shave off 4 months worth of armpit and leg hair accumulated over winter.

Our bodies were ready - or so I thought.

Monday, 22 July 2019

I Sent Feet Pics to a Stranger on Facebook

When you're young and naive, you do some pretty dumb things. For some, that's getting bangs. For me, it was sending photos of my feet to a random guy on Facebook.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Excuse Me, Your Leo Is Showing

As a person with ADHD, I am very absent-minded except when it comes to events with emotional significance. Somehow, a lot of my primary school days fall under this category.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

On Bringing Back The Joy Of Blogging (And Stalking)

I was feeling bored the other day and I thought about how much I missed trawling through blogs. Now it's all about SEO, "content","aesthetics", blablabla. Not that there's anything wrong with that, since people need to make coin.

But I do miss the simple pleasures of taking a peek into somebody's not-so-curated life, and sharing mine with a little online community. I can't make my favourite bloggers quit Instagram and go back to their blogs, but I can try to create what I would enjoy.